How to Create Easy-to-Remember Passwords

More and more sites are hacked, accounts and passwords stolen, you must use complex passwords, hard-to-guess and difficult to crack.

Too many people are still using simple and totally unreliable passwords, for example: 123456, password, qwerty, baseball, admin, 1940-1945, letmein, 123123, car plate, phone numbers...

One of the most common mistakes is to write down or keep passwords in an agenda, a wallet or a smartphone.

How to remember complex, reliable and different passwords for each site!

Simple Formula for Reliable Complex Passwords

One simple formula used for every sites can produce extremely complex passwords for all the sites. You don't even need to write down all your passwords or save them somewhere!

Suppose we must create a password for this great ecological website www.printfriendly.com

Its complex password r17+N05-64y= will be created very quickly, you will remember it instantly without having to write it down, thanks to this simple method.

What is the formula used to create this specific password?

We will use some characters of the site's name and insert extra characters from various sources.

The formula to get the password r17+N05-64y= for 'printfriendly.com' is like this.


r 17 + N 05 - 64 y =

r N y are the 2nd, 4th in UPPERCASE and then the last characters of printfriendly.

17 05 64 is a friend's birthday written as dd mm yy (day, month, year).

+ - = is a sequence of special symbols chosen randomly.

Examples of passwords with the same formula:

virustotal.com is i17+U05-64l=
cleanprint.net is l17+A05-64t=

As you have figured out, the date and the three special characters will be exactly the same and at the same position in all the passwords created using this specific formula.

For sites rejecting one of your character, replace it by a simple one, e.g. always z or K whatever. It's the only thing you will have to remember, the unsecure sites where passwords must be simple, do complain to them about the risks of simple passwords.

Advantages of a Formula to Create Secure Passwords

Safe and Free

You don't need anymore to buy third-party software to manage your passwords.
No need to worry where your passwords are stored, by who, how or if you can thrust these companies or rely on their add-ons, code, algorithm, safety...

Secure and Reliable

To crack this password, it would take 1.74 hundred billion centuries or 6.35521426×1012 days if you prefer.

Using my personal formula (+B14_05/74-]Cr! is my password for a famous shopping site, try to guess which one!
Even if you could collect all my passwords, which is nearly impossible unless with a keylogger hidden on my macintosh, that would still require a lot of head scratchings to know which sites they belongs to.
The risk with a too simple formula is if someone gets a site and its corresponding password. If it is to simple it will be easy to guess the formula based on the site name. Take a look at the chapter "Extra-Level of Security".

Easy to Remember

This procedure is very easy to remember, just few digits, letters or special characters and it can be used in any language. If you are working in an international environment or plan to travel abroad, pay attention to the specials characters chosen, be sure to be able to easily find them on any foreign keyboards.

Simple to Customize

It is really simple to customize, create it to your own habits and your own formula.
You can have a formula to use at work and one at home, or a different formula for more important sites like banks, insurances, shopping...

Easy to Share

It is even easy to share with co-workers having same access authorization, no more paper, email, just remember the formula, that's it!

Extra-Level of Security

The formula above is a very simple one to ease the explanation, it is too simple for the real world.

Here is a list to improve this method, make your passwords safer and very difficult to guess even if some have been leaked.

Enhancements to strengthen a formula to create a password:

If you mix these possibilities and add your own, your passwords will be complex enough for most situations.

How to Deal with Keyloggers, Viruses and Malware

brb soon...

In the mean time, take a look at BitDefender Free Tools for Windows, MacOS or Mobile.


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